• I wanted to talk to him but he still think I harassed him again but I wanted to talk nicely to him because he won't help me on my wattpad stories.  I wanted him and me work on wattpad together but he still won't trust me.  I could write a wattpad stories and he could make it better.  He never taken my Christmas idea stories.  I sort of bad writers and I need help to make me a better writer.

    i know he smart and much skill writer than me.  I had cool ideas for a stories but he never taken my ideas.  I ask him for help but he still acting rude to me & threaten me.  He never chooses to help on my wattpad stories.  I wish he could help me on my wattpad stories instead being rude to me.

    EmeraldTulip Never friendly to me and hated me!

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    • We all volunteer our free time here. EmeraldTulip can spend their free time as they want, and if you keep pestering them, of course they ignore you.

      Take it as a "no". Move on.

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    • Okay! He won't help me on my wattpad and I just to work on my wattpad stories all by myself.

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