• Hi!

    I wanted to create a <header></header> that says Image Gallery for Template:Character on my wiki.

    I tried using:

    <header><format>{{#ifeq:{{{image gallery|}}}|yes|[[{{PAGENAME}}/Image Gallery|<font color="white">Image Gallery</font>]]}}</format></header>

    but after clicking publish, it malfunctioned and stated that There is a problem with parsing the infobox.

    Could someone maybe help with this?

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    • format doesn't work with header, since header can't have a source upon which format is dependent. Just take the format tag out and then it'll work as needed!

      Also, font tag is deprecated, so it'd be better to use span to change the link color, e.g. <span style="color: #fff;">Image Gallery</span>.

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    • It works! Thank you so much Happybounce.gif

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    • A FANDOM user
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