• Heya! Just wondering if anyone has some know-how on how to add a toggle between two images to a template.

    Template in question is this one - all I need it to do is be able to display the manga scan + an additional image, if applicable to the character. I'm unsure of how to go about this, as I've tried using the switch template but I'm pretty sure I've been doing it wrong.

    Any help/advise is much appreciated!

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    • Andrewds1021 wrote: See Help:Tabber

      It helps, but unfortunately, it doesn't match the styling I'm after. I'm attempting to match our general infoboxes - seen here; where it allows for a, for the lack of better phrase, aesthetically pleasing header to swtich between the images.

      I'm under the assumption that it uses the switch template to achieve this - I'm just unsure how to add it into the other template I'm currently working with.

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    • I see that the template Switch you are talking about is not really in any use in your wiki. It is only used in this sandbox via this transcluded code, but it don't seem to work...

      I may suggest a code that will help you, using toggle buttons, but I need a more detailed description of how it should look like.

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    • What wasn't working with them? I can try to help but it will be hard since it seems you have reverted the template. When troubleshooting, it is generally better to be able to examine the issue directly.

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    • Ah, I've had a bit more of a fiddle today and actually fixed the problem I was having - turns out I kept skimming over a couple words, and without changing them it made the template not work.

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    • A FANDOM user
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