• Hello, Jay Jay fans,

    I have what I'm guessing is an unusual request.

    I have a special needs grandson, James, who just had his twentieth birthday yesterday. He is totally obsessed with Jay Jay the Jet Plane, and has been collecting books, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes. He had a whole list for me to find for him this year. I was almost totally successful, with the exception of a VHS from 2002 called "First Flights and New Friends." I thought I had it located on eBay, but we found that it was the correct CASE only, with the wrong tape inside. No other copies were to be had for love or money! (I had to present him with a Gift Certificate, saying we'd hunt around until we located one!)

    I tried thinking outside the box, and wondered if any of you might have an old copy around, and being a VHS, and old technology, would be willing to sell it to me for him?

    I don't know how to use this site appropriately, so if any of you see this and can help me out, would you please email me at (...)  Thanks so much, and hopefully yours,

    Sue Heffer

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    • This is Community Central, a forum to request help with features on the Fandom platform. If you are looking for a special edition of a television series, Fandom, in general, is not really the right platform to ask so. You are free to use other related forums or websites on which this information would be available. I have also removed the email address from your original post for privacy reasons.

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    • @Mendes2: I still see the email address.

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    • You may have better luck asking on Jay Jay the Jet Plane Wiki. That said, I did a little digging. According to the wiki, First Flights and New Friends contains the following episodes.

      1. Snuffy's 1st Day of School
      2. Jay Jay's Speedy Delivery
      3. The Buddy System

      It won't help if the point of the VHS is to have the VHS itself. However, if the point is to have access to the episodes, then that may still be possible. It appears that Yippee TV currently has rights to distribute the works and has released the first of those 3 episodes for free via their Jay Jay YouTube channel. All 3 episodes are available to paying customers via their main website.

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