• Hello,

    I wanted to make an on this day template like the spongebob wiki, I did a little searching and I couldnt find anything that helped me. If you scroll down on the main page you will see a timeline there, if somebody could help me on how to make one for myself that'd be great

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    • Basically, they have pages for every date of the year in a separate namespace, "Timeline". They then have a function on the main page which transcludes them with Magic words.

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    • Okay, thank you for the information! I will try to set this up for myself on my wiki

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    • Okay so update, I got all the pages set up and a test one. But on the main page all that appears is a bracket. I'm not sure what is causing it

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    • Is this what are trying to achieve?

      {{#ifexist: Timeline:{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}
       | {{:Timeline:{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}} }}
       | *Nothing happened

      Timeline:August 3 →

      • Nothing happened
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    • Yes! It works now, thank you all very much!

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    • A FANDOM user
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