• Even though I browse their fandom pages on the site (meaning they clearly exist), I can't add the fandoms for Rune Factory 4 or Stardew Valley to my fandoms. They don't even show up on the app when I go to Add Fandom.

    Also, are the fandom pages for TV shows in a different place? I like using the House, M.D. and Law and Order:SVU pages and would like to add those, too.

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    • If you're talking about the ones in your user profile, if you never edited at those wikis, they are unlikely to show up. Browsing isn't really counted as far as I know.

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      this is what I mean. At the top are the ones I added (on the app). I wanted to add RF4 but when I tap the plus sign the list of fandoms doesn't include it, nor can I find it by searching.

      I was saying it clearly does exist since I've seen it but when I search for it it returns no results.  

      Maybe it's different on the app or I'm confusing something (like maybe there are only general categories, not specific games)?

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    • Not every wiki is on the app (yet?). Also, in the case of Stardew, are you browsing the Fandom wiki or the official, independent wiki?

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    • A vast majority of wikis actually don't appear on the FANDOM app and they won't really say what their criteria is to get it on there.

      Basically, don't be surprised if a topic doesn't appear on the app, because most don't. From my experience TV shows and well-known movies tend to get favoritism over even very popular book series or games.

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