• I'm having some kind of problem towards an administrator from a fandom. I don't know if that situation should count as a dispute, I've debated to the admin why something had to be edited, but he has reverted most of the edits I have done so far. I've had two discussions with him, one where I ask why he reverts an edit I made, and one where I found why I was looking "too bias" for him (which is related to the difference between the 2008 version of Burnout Paradise and its remaster).

    The administrator has closed the 1st and 2nd conversations, but the 2nd was closed right after he made his response. He did not block me, but this gives me the feeling that he is trying to silence me. I no longer dare to edit anything anymore on the Burnopedia because of him, nor do I dare to talk to him either. If I were to edit something or even try to adress myself to him, I would expect the same results: reverted edits and immediate closure of whatever discussion I would attempt to start with him. What would be the best thing to do in this kind of scenario?

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    • What do you do? Find another wiki... This admin seems nice compared to most of the admin complaints we get on these boards. Your examples also don't make you look like the better party. You sound like you're just mad, because someone doesn't agree with you.

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    • I admit, I am quite bothered. Most edits I've done have been reverted, even if I made tests of the cars myself (with even over 1,800 km on the counter of the Hunter Citizen for example)...which feels unfair to me. Finding a wiki of Burnout Paradise that is better than the Burnopedia is easier said than done, the Burnopedia from the Fandom is the most common result I could find, and it is by far the most detailed wiki of Burnout Paradise.

      All the results of Burnout wikis I found were from IGN, that's it. Plus these ones are not actual wikis, they are very limited in content and lack proper informations.

      If I'm the problem here, then..I should not contribute to the Burnopedia at all if that's the case. Why even try if whatever I do gets reverted?

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    • Well you could work more directly with the admin and find an area of agreement. You seem obsessed with what appears to be a small part of the game. Usually there are bunches of stub articles that could use expanding over adding some dubious trivia.

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    • Of all the Burnout games, I've only played Burnout Paradise and Takedown, so I doubt I would find a whole bunch of stub articles to which I would feel familiar with and that are not too overshadowed, plus the Burnopedia is quite old and has already covered a lot of the content from the two games that I played. Displaying the top speed of the cars from Paradise in the pages of the cars doesn't seem allowed (I have no clue about that, but I still feel like it is forbidden), yet I didn't attempt to do that without official informations.

      There has been this one edit that I've made with the Hunter Civilian for example (not to be mistaken with the Citizen) to which I believe did better than the one I poorly did with the Citizen, I had added the following:

      This is an example of edit that was reverted, was that really necessary to revert it? The admin could at least modify what I've written rather than to remove it all.

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    • You don't mention trying to come to some agreement with the admin(s)... is there a reason for that?

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    • How can I come to an agreement with him if I expect him to block the conversations I start with him? In the 1st conversation, I cannot respond anymore, and you can see that he blocked the 2nd one right after he responded. I've even told him twice that I could show him through a video, or if not that he could try for himself, but he does not seem willing to accept it. He simply is rejecting me.

      But fine. I could try coming to an agreement, but I don't guarantee anything.

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    • Those conversation sounded more like you trying to get the admin to let you do what you want... I can't teach you how to negotiate, but if that's what you think is negotiating, I'm not sure I can help.

      Just as a reminder, trying to help you doesn't mean you'll get what you want. You need to realize the admin has no obligation to even talk to you. Being self-righteous is the opposite tactic from what might lead to success.

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