• I use an iPad to visit the wikis and had no problems with ones that uses the Classical editor, but when I get to newer wikis that have the so-called "modern" and "improved" editor the portability of it is so horrid that I struggle to make up one line of div code. Here are some problems I discovered:

    • Typing

    When typing in the editor, the screen wobbles up and down everytime I type out a single character, basically making people go insane and lose interest in editing.

    • Syntax highlighting

    The color of the highlighting is just godawful. The chosen highlighting color the developers used is green, and they won't even bother to put a different color for the attributes, and now the code looks like it is ecompassed in a HTML comment.

    • Preview

    Using an iPad, when trying to preview my code, the preview doesn't utilize the size of my screen and only takes up half of my screen while aligns the contents to the left. This leads to difficulty in visually designing your page and ultimately ruin the whole experience.

    • Preferences

    Once I figured out how horrible the new editor is, I tried to look through some articles on how to switch it back to Classical for the newer wikis. Apparently, I am unable to do so as it is forced upon you whether you like it or not.


    The developers need to learn how to code a proper editor as not everyone uses a computer. The editor should abide by common syntax highlighting norms and not make the code look like an HTML comment. People should be able to choose between the classical editor and the new one as there are many people that would prefer the classical any day of the week.

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    • If all classical editors in old wikis get removed while these issues are still not fixed, I might go insane even though I have 45 years left till people start considering me crazy.

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    • It might be good to comment this on the recent highlight thread to make sure that staff can see it in one place. Make sure that the feedback is constructive enough and not just saying "I HATE THIS" (not saying it is here, but just in case)

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    • Make sure to check whether your iOS is up to date. Older versions have been getting issues even in Legacy.

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    • Tupka217 wrote:
      Make sure to check whether your iOS is up to date. Older versions have been getting issues even in Legacy.

      You have inspired me to update my IOS, but sadly, the issues still persist.

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    • A FANDOM user
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