• So, I posted this on Imperial library and the liberals took issue with the word "gypsy." When I linked them this sites article on Coyle they banned me. Because this post was meant to be entirely adherant to lore, I did not elaborate on the gypsies beyond posting that they existed and were called gypsies. Anyway, I made this list and I wanted them to check it for lore consistency.

    • Lore notes on Ethnicities of Tamriel
      If you are the sort who likes deep lore, I have gone out of my way to dig up the deep dirt on Tamriel's human population and it's actually a lot more diverse than you think. What follows contains very little head canon, and all of these groups have been mentioned in canonized sources and therefore can be assumed to exist in game. Remember that this is just how things look on my side of the Dragon Breach. If you do not like how I have described these groups please do not bother me about it. If you find how I have described one of these groups offensive, I don't care.
      Akaviri: Asians. According to developer "Slateman" they survived the Tsaesci holocaust thanks to the intervention of Tosh Raka. If the more lore friendly items in the Creation Club are taken as canon, Akaviri humans are not entirely unknown in Tamriel by the fourth era and can be created without the excuse of a Dragon Breach in Skyrim.
      Kreath: One of the proto Imperial groups, the men of Kreath are somewhat Germanic, being a mix of both Nordic and Imperial stock.
      Nords: Baltic/Viking kingdoms.
      Barbarians: WIld Nords.
      Breton: Daggerfall (England), Camlorn (Wales), Glenumbra (France), Rivenspire (Scotland)  Stormhaven (Ireland.) Some here still practice an ancient form of magic known as  Galenic Druidism. Languages spoke in High Rock include Cryodilic Standard, Glenumbrian, and various  Galenic tribal dialects.
      Rihadi: The Men of Rihad are a Pre Imperial group native to Hammerfell. They resemble Arabs and were absorbed into the Redguard.
      Yokudans: The people of Yokuda had an African like culture. The groups that populated this land make up the modern Ethnicities of the Redguard peoples.
      Wrothgarians: Also called the Forsworn or Reachmen. Their shamans are called Druadach, and practice a twisted form of Galenic Druidism. they resemble Slavs and in some cases Celts.
      Nibenians: Natives of the Nibenay Basin and more generally Eastern Tamriel. They somewhat resemble Native Americans, making use of warpaint and other more tribal elements of pre-Imperial culture.
      Bravilian: The Bravil region is a multicultural melting pot that vaguely resembles medieval Spain.
      Colovians: A Pre Imperial human group with a distinct dialect and architectural style. They resemble Greeks and Romans, even moreso than most Imperials.
      Cyrodilics: The modern Imperial Citizen is a mix of various ethnic backgrounds and is oft considered a mutt race by the Colovians and Nibenians. For their part, Cyrodilics consider the Colovians to be snobbish and the Nibenians to be primitive.
      Velothi Nomads: Nibenians of Morrowind near Blacklight. They resemble Eskimos.
      Rimmenian: These guys call themselves Akaviri but more resemble Persians than Asians.
      Gypsies: Actually called Gypsies.

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    • Really I think they are just salty I beat them at their own hobby publically. I also know what happened to the Dwemer (teleported to 9th era) and can tell you who the Deep Ones of Hackdirt are (The Fish Men of Apocrypha.)

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    • This is very unrelated to this wiki. Community Central acts as a support or help wiki for the Fandom network, and has very little to do with the Elder Scrolls universe. For that, you would need to post this on that wiki.

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    • Sorry Mendes2, but this thread has nothing to do with Tolkien or Lord of the Rings... they should be pointed to the Elder Scrolls Wiki for a more sympathetic audience.

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    • Very true, for some reason my mind immediately went to LOTR, even though I have played games in the Elder Scrolls series and should be fully aware of that.

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    • Oh crap... You mean somehow I accidently posted this to a Middle Earth thread? Damn... Well, I know that lore too. Far better quality than Elder Scrolls. tolkienn doesnt need his fanbase to fix lore for him.

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    • Apologies to all.

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    • Tamriel does sound like a Tolkien name, but most fantasy games rip off Tolkien either a little or a lot.

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    • I really have no clue how TF this got here. My bad.

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