• Warning: If you are LM41, do not read this. This is a private message between Derek and I that doesn't concern you. I'm not being mean, this is just a private chat.

    Hi Derek,

    I know that LM41 was being frustrating, which made you kind of hide away on Fandom. Now that he's demoted, will you consider coming back out and "being an admin" again? Sorry if this sounds kinda pushy, it's just that I miss you on Mario Wiki and was wondering if you plan on coming back full time soon.



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    • I'm used to doing things outside FANDOM. It is boring when I linger on FANDOM too long. I play video games or do other things in life. I haven't considered coming back full time on FANDOM, I'll be there when I can.

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    • Oh, ok. That makes much more sense. Well, keep doing that because it's much more important than Fandom. Just another thing. Would you prefer if I contacted you here or on Discord? I dont know which works better for you.

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    • Discord is more private.

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    • Ok.

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    • A FANDOM user
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