• I was reading a page that someone had added to a wiki as spam, and like the idiot I was, I decided to edit in a message to the moderators to take down the page. However, this resulted in the moderators thinking that I was the one who published the page, and they blocked me soon after. I'm trying to prove to them that it wasn't me, but they took down the page and I don't know how to view its edit history. I also checked the contributions on both my profile and the culprit's, but it also seems like the contributions we made to the spam page were also removed. Could someone please help?

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    • Once the page is deleted, its edit history is removed unless it’s recovered, which in this case, is unlikely. Because of the fact that the edit history of the page was removed, it also removed any edits the users who edited it made. Only content mod and above have access to the deleted contributions. You can ask one of the admins to unblock you (if you tell them it was a mistake).

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    • They can view the deleted history by going to the deletion log (or Special:Undelete) and choosing the restore option, which will display the page's history before deletion.

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