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    We need to revisit a topic from a blog I posted a little over a month ago and I'd like to just update the blog instead of making a new one if at all possible...but I also want users to be able to comment on it. As the blog is archived, the comments are disabled, and I can't seem to find a way to re-enable them. I've tried editing the blog and turning comments off and back on, but no luck. Is this possible or will I just have to create a new blog if I want to allow comments?

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    • You have

      imported in your wiki’s ImportJS. According to the configuration in your wiki’s Mediawiki:Common.js, blogs that haven’t been commented for over 30 days will be locked. So here are the options:

      1. You can extend the expiration date in the configuration.
      2. Remove the import and that will allow users to comment blogs regardless of how long it hasn’t been commented. Of course, you can still disallow a blog comment by editing the page and uncheck “commenting”.

      Otherwise, yes, you’ll need to create a new blog.

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    • Thank you! I didn't even think to look there lol

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    • If it is just the one blog you want to make an exception for, then you shouldn't disable the script as that will re-enable commenting for all old blogs. In the future, you can get around this by adding the blog to the category "Nonexpiry blogs". If you then want to re-apply the expiring rules, just remove the blog from that category.

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