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    For a couple years now, a wiki I'm an admin on has been get this automatic K-Pop spam on File & other odd pages that looks like this (this is one of the least egregious examples, from yesterday) and this (very similar spam, but from four years ago). I've never though much about it, but other wikis I've been visiting that have similar topics as mine that have gone inactive experience the exact same spam from a variety of different IPs (a mirror soy-luna wiki that's been closed, a fanon wiki of the same topic, another telenovela wiki). I haven't seen any posts about this before, but are any other wikis experiencing this? Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening?

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    • There are many preventative measures you can take to help control the IP spam issue:

      1. Go to the WikiFeatures tab on the administrator dashboard and select the disable anonymous editing option
      2. contact Fandom Staff (with links to the accounts that did the spamming)
      3. Depending on the nature of the spam (mainly advertisements), you can use the spam reporting page on the VSTF wiki.
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    • Thank you for all those suggestions! But I wasn't looking for any curbing measures, I've been able to handle the spam on the wiki manually, and have no interest in blocking all IPs for the actions of a few bots. I was mainly curious if it any wikis outside of the our shared topic were experiencing this specific niche of spam/are these types of topics being targeted specifically.

      It just seems so odd, since there are no external links in the spam, I don't see what they're accomplishing. These same accounts will also make blank pages that are redlinked from somewhere else and then leave no advertising/spam on them. I don't understand why anyone would bother to set a bot to do that either.

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    • Bot spam has happened to many different wikis at various points in history. Community Central used to get a lot of that kind of spam but it eventually stopped.

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