• Hello EveryOne, 

    Can someone pleas help me, i wanna give that "Shimmer OR Shining-Animation" effect on:(see pics+caps) :

    See the text "Bureaucrat Box" i don't know thats a heading or what, but i wanna give a shimmer effect there, for entire wiki's headings like that.


    See the text "User:LuvOf99Th" i wanna give shimmer effect there or u can say a shiny animation effect, soo how can i?

    Now see this gif, this is the shimmer effect , which i'm talkin' about:
    Gif OF Shine!

    See? i want this for those type headings.

    (see pic+caps)

    idk the code , well i tired a code but that didn't work, anyway pleas help, nd if you've not got my question then ask again, i'll try to explain! LuvOf99Th ^_^ 22:17, July 11, 2020 (UTC).

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