• Hi there, can you help me fix the problemon my newly built fandom site called Wunschpunsch Wiki? The editing tool I used there was not convenient and not meeting my expectations, whenever I used it onboth mobile and desktop, the writing/highlighting cursor was not positioned properly on some text that I want to modify (please refer to the image below). Can you help me fix it to the regular classic editing mode (the one with complete features like adding images, video links, categories and other features), like the one in the image too? (also below). Thank you for noticing since I want to build this site properly and tobe able toadd new articles about that Canadian Cartoon show as soonas possible. Again Thank you,
    Screenshot 2020-07-10-09-26-36-208

    This is the editing tool that exist in Wunschpedia which I don't like because I can't use it properly like I mentioned in this message.

    Screenshot 2020-07-10-09-27-26-607

    This is a sample editing tool from Cold Case Fandom which I was expecting to be used for Wunschpunsch Wiki unlike the one above

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    • Hi, newly created wikis are under the UCP platform, so you'll see differences from the legacy one such as Cold Case.

      Categories can still be added by adding [[Category:Category name]] to the bottom of each page.

      Other features are sill available such as adding media, they can be added directly by entering the file name, or through the media icon in the toolbar above.

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    • Yeah, but I still have trouble using this kind of editing tool, is there any way on how to fix this like the classic editor from bottom below? It really have a bug when it comes to editing, because just like I said earlier, its cursor was not following the line of the text I wish to modify.

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    • For example:

      IMG 20200710 142414

      I would like to clear this one... however when I started highlighting the portion I've encircled...

      IMG 20200710 142453

      ....the portion I've encircled was the one which erased instantly, while the portion I've originally highlighted remains.. That was the problem.

      So at least any tips about replacing it with the legacy editing tool instead? Because that UCP Platform really giving me a hard bigtime building the site reason enough to almost give it up ☹️

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