• The truth is I was upset I didn't get my second chance on the arrowverse on my first blocked.  I was angry and mad at IHHeroes for not giving me a second chance on the arrowverse.  The blocked on the arrowverse makes me lose my temper and I snap.  The truth is I didn't mean that what I say to IHHeroes is wrong.  If IHHeroes could giving me a second chances on my first block and I will never lose my temper and snap.  The blocked on arrowverse give me high pressure and that why I felt angry.  I could be much more nicer and IHHeroes is very good admin because you are lucky to had him on the arrowverse.

    i understand to wait for my blocked to be over on arrowverse and this time I not going to asked for a second chance again.  The reason i not going ask is because I going waited it and not get angry again.

    i am sorry I lose my temper at IHHeroes! i know I will never get a second chance this time around and learn to wait it out!

    p.s. you and IHHeroes make very good team on the arrowverse wiki!

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    • One of day maybe we can talk on discord if you wanted too!

      i already made a fried request!

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