• The reason why it happened was because harassment. I can respect that. What I CAN'T respect is the inability of the guy I was harassing, Goplu, to take actual facts and evidence into account when trying to figure out who's a sockpuppet of who. My IP address is different from his, making it extremely unreasonable to make the necessary assumptions to force me being a BFDIfanStickman2763 sockpuppet into the realm of possibility. Besides,┬áit's NOT THE CASE. The reason I was harassing him was because he wouldn't listen to me telling him why he was wrong to assume I was a sockpuppet. I was effectively banned for trying to get someone to listen to what I was saying. Harassment? That's in the wrong. Telling someone I'm not a sockpuppet? That's in the right. I can't find any page to prove my point, but he's refusing to listen to me trying to explain that I'm not a sockpuppet, which is probably against the rules in some way.

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    • Attacking someone IRL just to get them to "tell the truth" or to "see reason" is wrong. An assault is assault even if you *think* you're justified to do it.

      Same principle online. Harassing someone to get them to "see reason" is still harassment, and on FANDOM, it is a blockable offense.

      If you do wrong even for a "right" reason, you've still done wrong and must pay the price.

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    • I already understood that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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