• Hi, I'm a bureaucrat on the Roblox Murder Island wiki, and I was hoping that we could join the Interwiki Project.


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    • link, please

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    • Still waiting...

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    • Hi, we've been busy lately with personal issues hindering our management, we'd prefer if some patience was given.

      While we're still discussing things internally and waiting for all leads to give input, personally here's some of my concerns:

      • Your wiki's colouring is extremely inaccessible for contrast and colourblindness - dark red on black becomes near invisible and unreadable. (protanopia filter - it's still a bit eye-straining without any visibility issues however)
        • Generally, the wiki's styling doesn't seem to match the more pop-out theme of the game, and you should heavily consider re-styling it to match better along with making sure your page follows colorblindness accessibility and is close to or meets contrast accessibility standards. (We aren't overly picky about this, but the wiki is just generally really hard to read and use right now, and usability is a requirement.)
      • It's unsure if your staff is actively removing spammy comments from articles - some remain on recent activity.
      • There's no easy way to access a list of staff on the home page or anything from what I can find. You should add one on the right column of your home page so people know who to go to for help.
      • The home page should personally also have at least a little section to refer to what people can do and linking to things like Help:Contents for editors to look for.

      These aren't really anything holding too much back besides the accessibility part, which is a requirement of being on the Interwiki Project. I'm slightly okay with working out designs if you might need help sorting that one out, though I don't know when I'll have time for it.

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    • Hi, thanks for replying, I'm sorry I was impatient, that was extremely rude of me.

      Now that you mention it, I see what you mean about the colours. I've redesigned to match the theme of the game more, and I've tested it with colourblind filters and it looks readable. The contrast isn't perfect (5.59:1.0), but the only test that it fails is the small text WCAG AAA test.

      As for "spammy" comments, there's a very thin line between acceptable and not acceptable. I'll start monitoring them more closely.

      I've taken your advice and added a list of staff on the right sidebar (a very short one!).

      I've added a small section called "What You Can Do" at the bottom of the home page.

      Thank you very much for all your advice. Feel free to have another look at the wiki, and if you see anything else that you think could be improved, let me know. Oh, and let me know about the Intwerwiki Project when you can. Thanks!

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