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    17:40, July 17, 2020

    Hey CzechOut, 

    So around 2 weeks ago, I sent an adoption request for the Eleceed Wiki . You told me to hit up your message wall once I got replies from active users. Now I've gotten her permission to adopt the wiki. Here is her reply to my disussion post and her reply to my message on her wall. Funnily enough, the founder gave me admin rights during this time because I had messaged him about it a few weeks ago before I sent in an adoption request. However he is still not active. I would still like to adopt the Eleceed wiki. Should I post a message on the founder's wall or send in another adoption request? Thanks for your help. 

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    • I also messaged the founder about this as well. Here is his reply on his message mall. 

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    • Now that the bureaucrat has responded, and especially because they've shown interest in the promotion process by making you an admin, the wiki isn't adoptable anymore. Per our guidelines, the admin is active, and would need to handle any further rights questions. Indeed, on 7 July they said,

      "As for being adopted, I have no problem. You already have admin rights which pretty much gives you the power to do anything as you please. If you wish for more, feel free to say."

      So, say. To them. Because, having edited on 7 July in a manner that directly addressed rights, they are active.

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