• I created a Wiki in English and another Fandom user changed the default language to Portugese. How do I change it back to English because I spent considerable amount of time investing in the Wiki as well as creating all the categories and descriptions. I don't want to take away from the time invested in the wiki by other fandom users who have the same love for the topic that I'm trying to create and manage simultaneously.

    . Is there way to change the language back?  Cos it feels like I have to copy and paste everything, put it through a google translate and translate it back to English just to edit the corrections. This is not only for one page but the entire Wiki. But it feels like the random fandom user has hijacked my wiki from English to Portugese. Anyway to turn this around?

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    • What do you mean "the default language"? Is all content changed? Or just some elements of the interface? Give a link so we can check.

      If the former, you can restore old versions in the history and just delete the portugese articles that have no history in English. It's an English language wiki, you're free to remove non-English content.

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