• Bubbles8218, 761954, and I want the Parodies Wikis you closed back please.

    101 Dalmatians Parodies Wiki

    Lilo and Stitch Parodies Wiki

    Oliver and Company Parodies Wiki

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame Parodies Wiki

    The Jungle Book/Tarzan Parodies Wiki

    And all three of us beg of you; Don't close any more of our Parodies Wikis on us.

    We worked so hard to make them and we are paying close attention to them with all our hearts.

    So, find it in your heart to reopen the ones you closed and leave our Parodies Wikis' running time alone.


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    • Could you salvage these stories I made on those deleted sites?

      101 Hedgehog Mobians (From "101 Dalmatians Parodies Wiki")

      Sora and Company (From "Oliver and Company Parodies Wiki")

      The Hybrid Mutant of Notre Dame (From "The Hunchback of Notre Dame Parodies Wiki")

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