• DuckHunt MegaMan Fan's most permanent favorite characters are Mega Man, Duck Hunt, and Min Min. DuckHunt MegaMan Fan made over 20 alts. Chiral of Doom was permabanned twice. Daniel Delta made an alt (annagood). T.A was permabanned for private messaging death threats to Ianiant. Daniel Delta was permabanned for death threats, he didn't like Ziggly Boom Boom (Colts) request and that is why Daniel Delta told death threats and he said it was fake. RUNEPATRIARCH and DuckHunt MegaMan Fan fought on March 27th, 2020. NetheriteOven and Pinocchio250 were some of the alts of DuckHunt MegaMan Fan that were on both the Fandom and the Flipline Forum. Pinnochio250 was the longest alt active before deletion (DuckHunt MegaMan Fan created the alt). Hyperponic made so many alts but I think DuckHunt MegaMan Fan made more alts than Hyperponic did. DeluxePizza, DuckHunt MegaMan Fan, and Colts have YouTube channels! RUNEPATRIARCH is a hooker. JK55556 is known as Canyon in the Flipline Forum at the moment. When a user named Shrek was permabanned people were said to see their god permabanned. Greenste was first banned for a month using racial slurs and then he was banned again for three months for saying something inappropriate which Greenste said he would turn into Hitler. D-Walker was the first mod but is inactive at the moment. DuckHunt MegaMan Fan wrote a 5-star review and one half was the compliment of the game and the other half was about him being permabanned because of RUNEPATRIARCH and Towers (Cacti). T.A was the first user to be banned in 2020. The color of mood is blue and Brother E (JEBZ Komics) misses DuckHunt MegaMan Fan. Matt was the very first user on the Flipline Forum.

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