• When I trying to work on setting up tabbers in above articles in the Jurassic Park wiki, they should seem to show up properly. I didn't create the tabs template. They were created by another admin in 2013. So I'm gonna need some help on this.

    The link of the tabs.

    This is the result of in the sandbox on my user page.

    I'm gonna need some technical support on this if you please.

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    • You will have to remove
      from the following templates, because the non-breaking space is causing the template to be incorrectly formatted.
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    • It's not working.

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    • It seems like that wasn't the issue.

      Looking closer, your wiki's Template:! has an error. You will have to remove the extra line, meaning, the <noinclude> should come directly after the pipe character ("|") and not start on the next line.

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    • FYI it is better to use <onlyinclude></onlyinclude> around stuff you want to include and not use <noinclude></noinclude> to exclude stuff... using <noinclude> often adds stray line breaks and carriage returns into a template.


      <onlyinclude>template stuff</onlyinclude>

      is better than

      template stuff

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    • Problem solved.

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    • I did solve the formatting problem.

      But I need to know how to make down to the size like the ones on the links below.

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    • I believe I have found the issue. When you were re-adding the non-breaking space to the three templates, you forgot to re-add these:


      You'd experimented with moving (them to the wrong places, e.g. after the br) the non-breaking space and removing one or both tags prior to removing the hard break, and when you re-added the nbsp you forgot to move and/or re-add them back. I re-inserted them for you (apologies for doing so without a heads-up); please check your Sandbox for Tabs' updated appearance. On my end the height appears to have been reduced.

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    • A FANDOM user
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