• Hello,

    Firstly, I do not know if this is the right place to ask thus if it's not please inform me thank you. I noticed how there are two separate English wikis which both surrounds the same comic series:

    The first one is older whilst the second one is the duplicate of the first. I checked the two sites and noticed how the admins/mods in the first one are inactive thus I assume the admins on the second one weren't able to ask for adminship in the first therefore creating their own wiki about the same comic series.

    I know how duplicate wikis are somewhat not allowed according to the rules (correct me if I'm wrong) and a user is free to adopt a wiki if the previous admin(s)/mod(s) are inactive on the said site for a long time. Should the second site be deleted since it is a duplicate?

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    • The new rules is as of March for UCP (new) wikis can't be dupes. Old ones are or are for now exempt. Fandom has been merging Wikis of the same topic for the more popular/larger Wikis, so in time it may trickle down to smaller ones. But they won't simply delete an older wiki cause it's a dupe.

      What can happen:

      • Admins from one wiki can request a merge of the inactive wiki.
      • If the older/active wiki has same info as smaller/inactive wiki and they don't want a merge, a request to delete can be made. But staff may required a few things first to do so: a chance to contact inactive wiki admin(s) and as long as it is viewer inactive too (even if edit inactive; viewer activity can prevent a deletion).
      • Fandom will or might get to this in time so don't worry about it.
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    • Hi, thanks for your reply, very helpful and informative!😊

      Imo the third point is the best to happen, but apparently the duplicate wiki has been up for almost half a year now and Fandom had not got into that apparently. Perhaps this thread can alert them of the existence of the duplicate thus merging/deleting actions can be performed?

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    • They have bigger fish to fry at the moment. They have cut backs on their staff and busy with UCP. I doubt bringing this to their attention would rush it unless the other Wiki requests it.

      I personally have been merging and requesting deletions for abandoned same topic wikis as my wiki for over a year. Sometimes they do same day (like 1-20 pages no activity for years), others they had me try to contact the inactive admins, wait like a month, try again wait a week then delete and one they down right said "no, not at this time try again later, maybe".

      I thought I was doing them a favour by doing my research and finding these wikis to clean up but they really just have other priorities (and that is fine). So until they initiate a small to medium wiki clean up order- it might be a long time before they get on this on their own.

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