• Hi! This is my first forum post hereĀ :)

    Currently, I'm having issues with pages being removed from categories that are added through this template: (most of the categorization code is at the bottom of the source code)

    Seemingly out of nowhere, pages that were added to categories through this template no longer appear in them. One example can be found in this category page where there are fewer pages in this category than intended (there are over 2000 units in the game for those wondering):

    One workaround I found to fix some pages with this problem is simply by making edits (purging the page does not work) to the pages affected; however, this would mean a lot of work would have to be done for something that could potentially be quickly fixed. I was wondering if there's any possible solution that can patch this up, or if there's anything wrong with the template page I provided. I'm also not exactly sure if this is due to the migration process to the UCF affecting certain categories or whatnot, but any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    • This was an issue that has plagued me last week. It wasn't about the UCP upgrade, but it was because of some changes in the back end. A fix is live, a final null edit should solve things. You can use this script, or ask explain the situation and ask for a link refresh with this form.

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    • Got it, I'll take a look. Thank you so much!

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