• Hey everyone, I just wanna let you know that DuGiacia wiki will be appering right now.

    If you are a writer, contributer, or other things you can do. Do not heistate, just sign up today or.... if you're a member of Fandom, just jump right in. Thank you. Link below for more details.

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    • Why should people come to your wiki?

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    • See Help:Building a community:

      Few things of note:

      1) Contributors and users are generally interested in wikis that have a clean navigation menu, good categorization of pages and and a main page that is somewhat easy to view, especially considering how users use all different kinds of screen sizes (phone, laptop, computer, etc)

      2) Encouraging growth is difficult, however you are more than welcome to spread the word by promoting the wiki

      3) It’s generally a good idea to set some guidelines for the wiki regarding page creation, blocks and file names. It’s also good to not leave the wiki abandoned for too long as that could prevent the wiki from reaching the top of search results since one of the aspects of search engine algorithms is that they search for the number of page views that the wiki gets.

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    • This looks like a personal fanfic wiki...

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    • A FANDOM user
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