• Trying to earn your badges from 100, 200 and 365 days in succession of editing is becoming a bothersome and tedious task. Miss a day and the counter resets. Happens when you forget to edit or are too engaged to do so. That penalising someone for missing a day seems incredibly unfair, it feels like exclusion.┬áThere must be a better way to do this. Here are my ideas for emending:

    1. Don't make it a number of days straight, make it a number of days divided so you can flexibly edit and earn that those badges at your leisure

    2. If you're going to make the days of editing straight, at least give the user an option to receive a reminder to their email saying something like "You haven't edited this Fandom for 24 hours".

    3. If a user feels they have really made an effort to earn this badge, but a single day missed jeopardises that and forces them start all over again, they should be entitled to get those days back so it doesn't ruin their record.

    If this problem is resolved at least everyone will have a fair chance to earn their badges and try and be a credit to their favourite fandom page.

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    • As badges are no longer supported, that's not going to happen. There's no way to recover progress.

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    • Tupka217's answer is correct for the time being. Achievements hasn't been updated in years. However, it was just pointed out to me that Help:Unified_Community_Platform#Achievements implies that analogous achievements will be available at a later date on UCP. So perhaps these changes could be implemented then. You should provide your feedback using this form.

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