• So I was deleting some of my comments on my wiki that were making me uncomfortable but I accidently hit a few of another users comments too...I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention.

    I have gone into the logs and restored the comment but I was wondering how long it actually takes for the comments to appear on the page again?


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    • It is very hard to help, if you don't give a link to the wiki you're talking about. We're not psychic.

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      Sorry, for some reason my brain thought I already included the link

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    • So it looks like you restored many, many comments... are none of them showing up or just some? I know many users have been reporting many problems with changes not being reflected in the wiki right away or at all, so this could just be a part of that wide-spread problem (it would be nice if FANDOM staff had some news).

      If you don't see any improvement by tomorrow, I would report a bug to FANDOM staff via "Contact us". I forgot how painful it is to figure out problems with comments, but I think this might jut be part of a larger issue.

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    • They finally showed up, took almost an hour. It was many comments, I really need to pay attention next time if I'm deleting comments of mine lol.

      While I wasn't expecting them to show up right away I just didn't expect it to take so long but I'll keep the issues in mind for the future and contact them directly if I ever experience a prolonged problem.

      Thank you so much for the information! :D

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    • Well, an hour isn't so bad, but it isn't good. Seems like that's the recent time period problem roughly. It used to take seconds or minutes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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