• I noticed all pages on the Killing Stalking wiki have been locked by the admin and are only edited by him/her. I asked if the information on a particular character's page was wrong/outdated by commenting on that character's profile and providing relevant information with citations from all chapters.

    I posted the following comment in a collapsible element with a spoilers tag:

    Aren't some of the details wrong/outdated?

    Spoilers from Killing Stalking.

    ( >"Sangwoo grew up as a child with an strict, negligent father, but caring and submissive mother.""His father frequently beat his mother, while she protected his son and showered him with affection. This is what largely made Sangwoo the way he is today."

    His father was nice to Sangwoo when he was young and was even willing to take days off work to go out on a picnic with his son several times. (chapter 52) His mother was depressed even before meeting his father and changed further when she got pregnant with Sangwoo. She tried to abort him several times. (chapter 56) As a baby, she completely ignored his crying. As a toddler, she tried to suffocate him. His father rescued him and got angry at his mother for trying to kill their son. (chapter 52)

    Toddler Sangwoo also doesn't trust her. He asks her several times "when's daddy coming" when they are alone. His mother gets angry and asks him if she loves his dad more, Sangwoo lies telling her that he loves her more and she notices. The moment he comes home, his father yells "Sangwoo! I'm home!" and Sangwoo runs away from his mother to him. (chapter 53)

    >"He and his mother were forced to eat with a small wooden table on the ground while his father ate at the table."

    She was guilt tripping Sangwoo into protecting her, making everything seem like it was his fault. Sangwoo was scared for his life and was forced by her to eat on the small table. His father was abusive towards his mother because she brought home and had sex with several different men and regularly poisoned his meals with rat poison. Once, she tricked child Sangwoo to come to her room and watch her have sex with another man. (chapter 53)

    >"Yang Seungbae, upon later investigation, remarks on the case's perpetrator's evidence to be seemingly planted and all-too perfect. It is implied, through memories, that Sangwoo was responsible for the death of his parents. After he killed his parents he mastered the art of killing and manipulating."

    His mother killed his father gradually with rat poison. His father got angry when he found out and hit his mother. She screamed at Sangwoo to help her.

    "She calls to me. To save her. Why does she use those words... to move me? Please stop. It isn't father's violence that troubles me... It's your screams." - Sangwoo

    Sangwoo pushed him away from her. His father fell down and foam came out of his mouth. Next to him was a bottle of rat poison. His mother hugged Sangwoo and guilt tripped him into thinking that he was the main reason for his father's death.(chapter 54) She makes Sangwoo put his body in the car and they both drive to a forest. There, she hangs his father.

    After that she starts flirting with Sangwoo calling him "handsome" and "babe".(chapter 56) She sees Sangwoo the same as his father. She then starts to poison Sangwoo with rat poison too, gives him 12 pills before he finds out and starts vomiting everything he eats after every meal with her.(chapter 55)

    She even admits that she was poisoning him to his face, "There's a rat that I've been trying to catch...But that tricky little thing is just so sly. I just don't know how to get rid of it. Do you have any ideas? How to kill it without killing it?" -His mother

    She burns Sangwoo with hot water, ties him up, tapes his mouth and arms and proceeds to rape him.(chapter 59) Sangwoo breakes free and pushes her away, picks up a knife and asks her to stay away. She curses him to "die the most painful death possible" and runs towards the knife, impaling her neck on it and killing herself.

    "I was up in the mountains where father was. I don't know why. I thought if I went there...I'd be reminded of what that woman did to me."-Sangwoo(chapter 56) He was traumatized. "She said I'm going to die a most painful death...I'm afraid...I'm afraid it's going to come true." - Sangwoo (chapter 59)

    Yeah, so his mother "is what largely made Sangwoo the way he is today", not that his father was violent while his mother showered Sangwoo with "affection". How he manipulates people, the way he kills and hides their bodies is also the same as what she did.)

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    And was blocked some time later. I followed the rules here and tried to contact the admin, but my question on his profile was also removed by him:

    This seems a bit excessive and unreasonable when you are only trying to contribute to a wiki? I wasn't even rude or anything to said person, started my comment as a question and hadn't ever came into contact with him/her before.

    The character profile also seems to simply be copying older aminoapps profiles.

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    • It seems that they are handing excessive blocks to people who are trying to edit content pages. This seems like a violation of the Terms of use, in which case I would recommend reporting them to Special:Contact. Looking at the protected pages, it seems like they have protected roughly 15 out of 50 pages, which I wouldn't really consider excessive, but it doesn't hurt to bring it up to staff, as well. The same goes for copyrighted content: if you think they are word-for-word copying content without any attribution, this is also something that you could bring up to staff as well.

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