• Some of how our pages on the Dragon Ball Wiki are becoming too big and we were toying with the idea of splitting pages up and using a tab at the top of the page.

    For example like this

    However while it's easy enough to switch tabs on the desktop version, these tabs do no appear at all on the mobile version meaning you are unable to switch.

    That was what has held us off the idea but I've since come across this page

    And the tab to switch between Canon and Legends does appear on mobile so they must be using something else.

    So for one, would it be possible to do something like that but with up to six different tabs? And if so how would we go about implementing that? Would it be easy or would it be very complicated?

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    • You can use tabber and tabview. I suggest tabview since you already split the page

      Here's tabview: w:c:imotwom:User:AtoneTheMage/MyAccounts

      Here's tabber: w:c:imotwom:Terms of Service

      As you can see, there is a massive difference between their source codes where the latter is more cluttered (but smoother)

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    • Based on your original request, I would not suggest using tabber or tabview. The functionality of these features is not what you're looking for, as they only create tabs within a single page.

      The Star Wars Wiki uses Lua to create the canon tabs, among other features, which you can see here: w:c:starwars:Module:Eras.

      If you have knowledge of Lua, the above module is your answer. If you don't, then I think you can replicate the same effect by using a standard wikitext template, because the canon tabs are just table cells that link to different pages. However, on the One Piece Wiki, the tabs are created with div tags which is probably why you can't see them on mobile.

      Essentially, create a table with two cells side by side; these are your tabs. You can use CSS to stylize the table.

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