• Hey, I recently started a FANDOM wiki called the Wake of Eärendil wiki, intended to be a collaborative crossover fanfiction universe(although I haven't yet found people to collaborate, anyone is welcome to join and create in this expansive multiverse, there's like over seven hundred redlinks that need to be made into articles), but, the wiki hasn't shown up in search results at all. It's been 8-9 days since I've started the wiki, and there are definitely unique page views from when I posted the wiki on reddit boards, but nevertheless it's very strange that no search engines have picked up any pages on the wiki itself, even though the reddit page I made showcasing one of the maps from the universe shows up at the top of all the results when I search "Wake of Eärendil". Has anyone experienced anything similar with their wikis? Or is this something that happens a lot with new wikis, and it takes time for the wiki to become visible on search engines?

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    • I adopted a wiki in 2018, which was 10 years old at that point. The wiki was mostly a copy-and-paste of Wikipedia back and therefore was skipped over a majority of the time. However, since an admin and I revamped it, the wiki now, around half the time, appears before Wikipedia. I think its place in the search engine relies on how old the site is, whether the content fits the search term, and how many people use the wiki.

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    • See Help:Search Engine Optimization.

      When you create a page, it will not automatically show up in search engines. As stated in the help page above, your entire wiki needs to be crawled, which will update Google with new information since the last time your wiki was crawled. According to Google, crawling can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

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    • So assuming this is your wiki... There seems to be quite a bit pf plagiarism being called "crossover".

      A good main page is one of the best ways to attract clicks and increase your SEO. Your main page seems kind of all over the place, so it could use improvement.

      Here are some quick tips for how to make a good main page (I used this in a different similar thread):

      • Use correct spelling and grammar.
      • Have a good summary about what the wiki is about on the main page. It seems to be fanfic, but how others can contribute isn't clear...
      • Don't leave out key info:
        • If the wiki is fan fic, it should say so. This seems to have been made pretty clear...
        • If the wiki is encyclopedic info it should say so. Doesn't seem to be.
        • If the wiki more like a personal sandbox, it should say so. Feels too much like a personal sandbox...
      • A nice header graphic related to the topic should show up near the top of the main page.
      • Put links to important pages on the main page.
      • Don't have pages that don't have any links to them from other pages.
      Next steps
      • Make or find nice graphics for main characters or objects (planes, ships, tanks, etc.) and put them with links on the main page. Showing images with their original name in the image and just renaming the file or giving it a different label looks bad...
        • This is sometimes called a profile table. You will see them on most good wikis.
        • If you have enough pages you can make a table with links to subtopics like characters, episodes, items, quests, etc.
      • Make and use a nice wordmark
      • Make and use a nice background theme image.
      • Start categorizing pages.
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    • Thank all of you for your advice! I'll make sure to work on these.

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