• I am completely unable to register for a Fandom account. This is not the first attempt I've made, I tried months ago as well with the same exact thing happening. I fill in all my information, and go to press "Register", and the button darkens as if it has acknowledged me clicking it....then nothing. No confirmation, no error messages. Zip, zero, zilch. NO response.

    I have adblockers disabled, I've tried on multiple devices and browsers and networks, I've tried different usernames and different email addresses, I've never really used or participated on Fandom before so it can't possibly be that my IP was blocked or something, and I'm 25 I am DEFINITELY old enough.

    This is driving me insane. Is there ANY sort of moderator or IT guy on the team of people who run this godforsaken site that has actually come up with a solution to this? Cause from what I can see this has been an issue for people for literal YEARS and there's been no actual solution offered up by anyone. This is ridiculous.

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    • You should shoot staff a ticket about the issues that you have been having and maybe they will be able to help troubleshoot this issue with you.

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    • It wasn't yesterday, but about a week ago, FANDOM was having some significant back end problems specifically with some specific data centers. The problem could be related to that. I never saw any messages about all the problems being resolved, so maybe for a few people it is still ongoing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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