• The same issue keeps getting revived on Elena of Avalor wikia and I am getting frustrated with having to give the same answer over and over again:

    I also rejected this application for Admin status because I suspect it was going to be used to unblock Fede without authorization:
    This is something else I also have to do on a regular basis.

    And see here where someone is requesting that another user's choice to delete's Fede's messages from their personal message wall be restored by the moderators:

    I think this particular user and their advocate are becoming problematic across the wikia network.
    If you have any insight, advice or perspective to share, I think it's time this issue was resolved so it stops being a source of cross-wikia disruption.

    Buckmana (talk) 23:40, June 20, 2020 (UTC)
    Elena of Avalor Admin and Sofia the First Content Moderator.

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    • Haya!

      Hmm. A sticky wicket, whot?

      Time, I say, to contact Fandom Staff with links to support cross-wiki harassment, and consider adding a link to Adoption:Elena of avalor wiki which she opened after being turned down by you. I'd also warn Sarah that if she keeps it up, you'll consider escalating blocks for her local harassment.

      Finally, advise her that if she wished to try to champion for Fede, she should contact Fandom Staff to make her case; however, 1) at this time Staff rarely intervenes with local blocks, and 2) they only discuss blocks with the blocked.

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    • What the heck!
      Fairy Queen seriously tried to adopt the wikia while I was still an active admin!
      Really starting to be suspicious now.

      I have contacted Fandom Support, but no response has been given yet.

      I'm thinking now I've been too nice with Fairy Queen, but so far, they haven't given me a firm reason to admonish them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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