• Wikia here: I'm a very new individual to the world of fandom, and I'm trying to create a wikia for the purpose of serving as a lorebase for an arpg I'm creating. I'm a total newbie, and while I've gotten down the basics of the theme designer I'm struggling with a few things that I'd like to change/add on the website.

    What I am particularly looking for is: Someone who can help by creating infobox templates and give me pointers on them for future reference. Someone who knows enough about editting the navigation bar so more sections can be added Someone who knows how to change the nonexistent link color, because magenta against sky blue hurts.

    These are the primary issues I'm having. Everything else I'm certain I can handle and figure out on my own. It's just the CSS that's confusing!

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    • Help:Infoboxes. It's very easy with the infoboxbuilder.


      Redlinks are, well, red. I'm not seeing them as magenta on your wiki. I would recommend not using a blue background because regular links are blue.

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    • I could help with basic templates, tables and stuff! I also created a wiki alone so I know beginnings can be hard haha ^^

      Tupka is right, either change your background color or default link colour. For example, they are green on my wiki to fit the theme.

      I know you just started, but you need to give basic information about what Skies Edge is on the main page. This way people would like to join. Where can you play this ARPG? What it is about?

      Contact me if you need any help then ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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