• Robin this...person, won't stop contacting me (He did this from two separate IP adresses): and

    about last week or so he keep sending me the same messages over and over

    Which basically said the same thing over and over:

    "Unblock me, I am not a child I only like kid things"

    "I am not going to give up

    "It's against my family motto"

    (his family must let him get away with a lot of stuff)

    "You are stubborn as a mule"

    "Were you raised in a barn?"

    "Everyone is gonna hate you if you keep doing this"

    "You're gonna owe a debt to society"

    This guy is an annoying pest, I have told him over and over to stop contacting me but did he listen? No he didn't, please ban him.

    And while you're at it please close the thread regarding SecondOpinion, thank you.

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