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    How exactly does Best Practices work? Will it help me advertise the wiki?

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      "Best Practices" are things you do that the Fandom Staff have discussed and concluded are things you must do to best improve your wiki, especially for getting people to come over and actually stay. So, yes, it will help you advertise your wiki. Is it easy? Not exactly, but making a functional wiki from the ground up will never be easy.

      Anyways, for example, there's a blog on best practices with the navigation bar, as it's found that most wiki users/readers use the navigation bar to navigate the entire site. Thus, it is essential that the navigation bar specifically caters to viewers who want content very quickly, and catering the navigation bar only to editors (like adding admin tool links) will disengage people from the wiki.

      There are other blogs on Help:Best Practices that achieve a similar goal of designing wikis in ways that better boost engagement and appeal, thus making it more likely to enter Google Searches as a "quality site". That is how "best practices" work.

      Other than that, I don't know any other particular way that gets people onto your wiki without forcing them to. Hope it helps regardless

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