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    New thread time, Sailors!
    17:38, June 12, 2020

    Hey gang!

    Not a very big release week, except for the fact that we corrected image links!

    Image Links

    Bug fix deployed that causes images formatted as links to correctly link to the target pages, not to the image file itself. If you still see an image link performing badly, perform a null edit on the page (commit an edit with no changes) and that will force the correct behavior to apply.


    The UserActivity extension has been ported to the UCP. It is active on UCP wiki and Wreck-It Woodhouse. There is currently a bug causing a MediaWiki exception error, based on some settings. We're working to correct it.

    Message Wall

    @ username mention have been disabled on Message Wall due to a tech limitation, not as spam prevention. I got two related conversations confused.


    Upcoming Releases

    Work continues on major releases for this stage, including JavaScript Review, Article Comments, and Discussions enhancements.

    For Discussions enhancements, they are the key to beginning the migration of remaining wikis with Forums onto Discussions. More info can be found in my latest blog.

    Personal Note

    I will be on vacation for the next 6 days and, thus, will not be monitoring this thread. Rest assured that Mira Laime is always watching and will report any necessary feedback to the team :)

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