• So, I started a wiki to keep up with some character profiles for a big RP I'm involved with.

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to make a standard page layout.  Like, I found this page:

    But nothing there looks like what I have on my wiki.

    I edited my MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video and it looks like what I want.  (Basically, a table of contents already filled out, waiting for information.  I would love to include one of my templates for a side bar in there, but it doesn't seem like it's possible?)

    But I ... don't know how to make the MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video an option when I make a new page.  

    The link up there says that I hit 'add" and then I pick a page layout, but it never lets me pick a page layout.And the standard layout is not what I have saved in the MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video page.

    I'm really at a loss here.  Am I....  Am I somehow on the wrong website?  am I reading instructions for an old version of things?  Have I fallen into another timeline? (Can I go back to mine, please?)

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    • The way I do it is create a page layout template

          <title source="title"><default>{{PAGENAME}}</default></title>
          <image source="image"><caption source="imagecaption"></caption></image> 
          <data source="age"><label>Age</label></data>
      ==Article page==

      Then on MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video list the source code

      {{Character page
       | title =
       | image = 
       | age   =
       | text  =

      And when I click "add page" icon followed by "standard layout" icon I see the MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video variables to fill in.

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    • You can also use PreloadTemplates, which is a script made to emulate PageForms.

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    • The problem, I've found, is that I AM in a different timeline, and my wiki is UCP.  Thank you both for helping!

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