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    So I created a wiki for the series Lamput which airs on Cartoon Network India. I have not been able to change it so that it uses the older user pages I'm more used to, but I think that may be contributing to my problem.

    Almost as soon as I started the wiki, it reverted my "Baet Simpson - DON'T HAVE A BOX NEW" avatar to an older one from the Bloons Tower Defense games that I had long abandoned - I didn't even know that was possible.

    I keep trying to change the avatar, but every time it has done nothing but revert to the BTD one. Can anyone help me with this bug? I REALLY hate having to change my icon every few seconds only for it to change back. Thanks in advance.

    UPDATE: For that matter, I can't get the Lamput Wiki ( to use the classic editor for pages. Do I have to start expanding the wiki with actual pages to get the classic editor?

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    • Merge-arrow Starting March 11, 2020, new wikis use the Unified Community Platform (UCP). Fandom has also started to convert some older wikis to UCP. UCP wikis currently have modified functionality, and are missing some legacy features. Fandom is continuing to work on adding/porting some missing features. For a user-compiled list of bugs, please see this page. For the status of dev scripts on the new software, see this project.

      There are a lot of changes with UCP and a lot of features haven't been ported yet. There is no option to use the "older" user masthead design. What you see is the new and only available design. Similarly, UCP does not have classic editor. With the exception of InfoboxBuilder, none of the editors are the same. As you may or may not be aware, thread-based discussion features (Special:Forum, message walls, article comments, blog comments) are being replaced with Feeds-based discussion features (Discussions, new message walls, new article comments).

      I didn't know you could revert your avatar either. It must be a UCP feature because, for the longest time, the answer was that you can't. How did you do this? If it didn't work, it is probably a bug. Please report it to staff and, if you feel up to it, add it to User:Noreplyz/UCP.

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    • I didn't revert my avatar willingly. It literally did it on its own, so I think it's a bug related to the new UCP design.

      Just for the record, I haven't used the BTD avatar it changed to for five to six years, which makes it more surprising. I changed it to a completely new avatar and, so far, nothing has happened.

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    • I see. Yeah. Definitely report this to staff.

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    • Aaaaaand my avatar went back to the BTD one again. I already logged this glitch on that "Noreplyz" page, will see what I can do about contacting staff about it.

      Out of total curiosity, has anyone else experienced a bug like this since the UCP design went into effect?

      UPDATE: I just noticed that, at least on wikis with the UCP design, on my userpage it automatically shifted my name (the "a.k.a. [whatever]" you can place next to your username) to "Excuse the tiny avatar.", a line of text that I associated with my BTD icon and thus also hasn't been seen since about 5-6 years ago.

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    • I've never seen this problem, but I haven't tried to change my avatar after UCP existed. And, seeing your problem, I don't want to risk it.

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    • Well, I have never changed my avatar aside from the time the system somehow changed it from one stock avatar to another. So yeah, I have nothing to say with regards to personal experience on this matter.

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