• I have a wiki called the Ali-A wiki

    I need some users to help me grow this wiki,

    I hope you can help me!

    I will make anyone who joins beauncrat straight away

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    • Do NOT make people bureaucrats.

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    • Now that’s out of the way, see Help:Building a community. People don’t go to a wiki because they want to edit, they go to a wiki because they like the topic. So if you want to sell your wiki, you’ve got to at least explain what Ali A is.

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    • Tupka217 wrote: Do NOT make people bureaucrats.

      To provide more information. Bureaucrats cannot be demoted except by Fandom staff. It is a common misconception that the founder can demote them. As long as a user has bureaucrat status, they have all the permissions and powers the founder does. They cannot be blocked and they cannot be demoted. Users with malicious intents will take your offer, give a few good edits to seem legit, and then vandalize the wiki. They will promote other vandals and their alt accounts; causing an even larger issue for your wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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