• I'm not logged in and I just want to know what the general limitations are for me and others not logged in .I like to help the the fan community and get info of those things I'm a fan of . So if someone could answer that would be great 

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    • Why you might want to register an account (in no particular order).

      1. Your IP address won't show anymore.
      2. If a wiki blocks your IP but not registered users using your IP, you will still be able to participate.
      3. You run less of a risk of getting confused with another user.
      4. You can keep track of your contributions and other content you want to follow.
      5. You can get recognition for your contributions.
      6. When using a feature such as this, other users will get notifications when you reply.
      7. When using a feature such as this, you will get notifications when other users reply.
      8. You can get email notifications to help keep track of content you want to follow.
      9. Some wikis don't allow anonymous users to edit. As a registered user, you can.
      10. Fandom has/is replacing this feature and those like it. Currently, the replacements do not allow anonymous users to post. As a registered user, you can. However, Fandom staff claim that a future update will allow anonymous users to participate as long as the wiki allows anonymous users to edit (see previous list item).
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    • Anonymous users have never been able to post or reply on Discussions (feature that will replace these forums eventually) and they may never be allowed.

      So, when these boards switch over, anonymous users won't people to post for support.

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    • If they are going to allow anons to post on message walls and comments (which they are), I assume they would open Discussions as well. I don't see why Discussions would be any different from the other two.

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    • Then why haven't they opened it up already?

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    • I have no idea. But they said they would allow anons on message walls and they haven't yet. So I would assume it is the same reason; whatever it is.

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    • I wish I could trust FANDOM to not to change their minds, but that is not reliable.

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    • A FANDOM user
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