• There are a few fanon pages (e.g. "Ideas for the game") on the Wikia I'm an admin of. Each of these pages is created by a single user, and not group efforts, so it should be OK to move them to a single user's namespace.┬áI want to move these so they become disassociated from main namespace, "User:UserName/PageName" (or "User blog:...")┬áinstead of "/PageName". Do I select "User" from the dropdown and then manually type in "UserName/PageName" into the next box, like so?


    Additionally, at least one of these pages was created by a non-user (IP-address only), how would I move their page into their user namespace?

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    • Yes, you do indeed type in the username as well.

      As for articles created by anons, you could simply type in their IP address, like so:

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    • Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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