• I want to be a admin for the riordan wiki

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    • Ask the staff for the Riordan wiki, not people here. 

      However, the only way you can become an admin is if you are promoted by another admin in the Riordan Wiki. You can adopt some wikis which lack active admins, but this does not apply to Riordan Wiki as far as I remember.

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    • Ok

      i remember a page.

      will some one give a link?

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    • Correction. Admins cannot promote users to admin. Only bureaucrats can do that.

      A page to what, the list of users that can promote you to admin? See Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat.

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    • Help link: How to become an admin

      You won't be able to adopt cuz there are active admins, and you are very unlikely to be given adminship if you ask right now because you barely have any edits on that wiki. Keep editing, then maybe you can ask to be promoted. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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