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    I'm currently building multiple scripts allowing our users to only have to update a central LUA database to update multiple article pages in one edit. Up to now we were using the Labeled Section Transclusion extension which allowed us to directly call the transcluded parts from another article, but I would now like to have the same possibility within lua code. To my knowledge, lua modules cannot call wikia templates so would anyone have a solution to transclude an article part with lua ?

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    • I have never used it but I believe Scribuntu does have a method for expanding templates. Take a look at the library documentation.

      Either way, I am curious as to why you want a LUA-based solution when you already have a working system with Labeled Section Transclusion. What is the benefit over the current solution?

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    • Thanks a lot ! frame:expandTemplate and frame:preprocess unlocked me, I just has to create a new template to make the extension Labeled Section Transclusion avalaible to the lua module.

      For context, I'm working on the french wiki of the game Warframe, which is a game in constant evolution, bringing and/or removing stuff regularly. Since we are on the french wiki, we don't have a lot of people taking part in the update effort compared to the english one.

      In order for us to have less work when something is added or removed, we built upon the english wiki database system to have our own with more automized functionnalities. Navbox for exemple are currently been reworked to be built on the fly depending on what is contained inside the database.

      In the case of this discussion, I wanted to automaticly build a specific tab which can contain none to multiple objects of the same type. So rather than going back to the different specific pages all the time, we just need to edit the database to update everywhere.

      The idea here is to win edit time and uniformity by centralizing our data in different lua modules that are an equivalent to a database.

      If you want to have a look at what we are trying to do you can go to my profil on the concerned wiki:

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    • what is your bus factor? what your editors will do, if nobody will be able to update your database?

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    • I'd say, medium to high. Most template we link to the database are still usable with the classic template options (and adding a category TemplateOverride at the same time to identify the ones that need to be updated inside the bdd if ever). But there is an issue with some stuff that is totally built out of the database (comparative table of weapons for example). However, we do communicate quite a lot on what is done & how it is done on the wiki through the main warframe fr discord.

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    • I am not familiar with Discord. Does it provide a permanent record of the documentation? I would think it would be better to have that information on the wiki itself.

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