• Hello, I was wondering if it was allowed to modify scripts such as MassEdit with your personal JS to bypass restrictions that make it so that the script would normally be only usable by users who have moderator rights on the given wiki. I suppose another way to ask it would be is whether there is anything in the FANDOM Policy or licensing that prevents someone from doing so.

    As an example, I could modify MassEdit so that I could use it on a wiki where I don't have any rights, but the question is, would that be allowed under the FANDOM policy?

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    • Are you asking if vandalisme is against the policies of FANDOM?

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    • JS won't give you rights to bypass anything. If you can't edit, you can't edit... using your personal JS still means you can't edit.

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    • I believe this particular MassEdit restriction is put in place by the wiki's JS. Therefore, whether or not you can override it technically depends on the order in which the scripts (the wiki's v. yours) are executed. However, I would assume Fandom accounted for this in their platform design. Even if they didn't, it probably wouldn't be long before the admins catch on. In which case, you might be looking at a lengthy block, if not permanent.

      So to summarize, it is not entirely impossible considering just the nature of JS. However, I find it unlikely Fandom would have allowed such a security risk to get through. Even if they did, you probably won't get very far before you get caught.

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    • I looked at the code of MassEdit and the restriction is put in the code.js in Dev Wiki:

      UserGroups: {
            enumerable: true,
            writable: false,
            configurable: false,
            value: Object.freeze({
              CAN_EDIT: Object.freeze([
              CAN_MESSAGE: Object.freeze([

      To rephrase, MassEdit has a built-in restriction that checks whether you are in one of the usergroups listed in the array and only makes its functions avaliable for use if you are a moderator or vice versa. Even if you imported it in your common.js in a given wiki, you would normally not be able to use it unless you had certain rights.

      However, I believe you can simply paste the code in your personal JS, add "user" to the CAN_EDIT object, and easily bypass the restriction. My question is, does that violate any FANDOM rules if there is no specific rule in a given wiki that already states it is against the rules to do this?

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    • It will probably not pass js review.

      As to whether it breaks he ToU, only staff can tell, so contact them. As for local rules, admins can just file this under "vandalism".

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    • Alright, thanks, but doesn't personal JS work without getting reviewed by Staff?

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    • Correct. Personal JS does not go through the review process.

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    • My bad.

      So... why would you want to? As said, that restriction is put there for a reason. You're just going to get yourself blocked.

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    • So if your user has the bot flag, using MassEdit code in personal JS may not attract much attention if the edits are legit. However, either way, your user will be identified with the edits, so if they aren't legit a perma block is likely.

      Without the bot flag, those edits would likely get noticed right away and you could get a block just for being annoying.

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    • A FANDOM user
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