• Hello, I would like to create my Favicon but I failed to do so. 
    I tried through this website but it didn't succeed.
    More secondarily, which Favicon should I choose for a wiki that lists all the bad guys, and another one that makes all the heroes? This last question is optional, I'm just taking this opportunity to ask it.

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    • What went wrong?

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    • It would help if you gave a link to the source image you used for the favicon, then someone could just convert it for you... as it stands you haven't given us enough to work on.

      For part 1 we'd need to see the source image and for part 2 a wiki link... vague descriptions aren't helpful.

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    • A superhero wiki could have some sort of golden star favicon, while the bad guys could have... hm,

      maybe a mask like browser incognito windows? Or a dark star, something to show evil? Good luck.

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    • Thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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