• im on, and the title of the wiki is "Legacy Wikia" and forums is enabled. now it is "legasy wiki" and forums is archived, + i cant use it, only discussions. is ucp rolling out? or what else. i looked and nothing happended since my last visit that would pull up on:

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    • When you say "forums", are we talking about "Special:Forum" or "Forum:Index"? The wiki has definitely not been converted to UCP yet. If it had been, the message walls would have also changed.

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    • Looks like forums was converted to Discussions, but there wasn't much content on it if any. They propably changed Wikia to Wiki because they stopped trying to push "wikia" as a word for "a wiki on Wikia" a long time ago.

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    • ok thanks, also the message walls where what confused me.

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