• Recently, FS17 sheep have quit producing wool. I did receive a couple of messages saying, "No more room for wool pallets". Needless to say, there was room to spare.  Now the sheep won't produce any wool. It makes no difference what map is selected. No wool.

    Any Ideas?


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    • You should ask about this at Farming Simulator Wiki! Also, you may want to have a look at Sheep (Farming Simulator 17)#Wool Production; perhaps it can help you.

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    • Thanks for the try. This problem is far beyond a simple cure.

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    • Even so, The Farming Simulator Wiki would still be a better place to ask your question; assuming you question is about Farming Simulator. Community Central is for help with wikis, not random games. If the user on that wiki can't help, then try contacting the game's official support team.

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