• Hello, 

    I was reading up on the item in League of Legends called "Zeke's Convergence " and the wording was unclear, so I decided to test it for myself and tell you the results:

    link :

    It states:

    "FIRE: The Conduit's bonus damage will deal 15% bonus magic damage on-hit, then 7.5% after 1 second and 7.5% after 2 seconds.

    • This effect does not stack and can only occur once per target"

    However, after testing, I noticed that the 15% bonus magic dmg gets procked on EVERY auto-attack and after each auto-attack, the rest of the 15% dmg gets reset. For example,

    let's say I am doing 4 Auto-attacks. they will deal dmg this way: 

    First AA: 15%

    Second AA: 15%

    Third AA: 15%

    Fourth AA: 15%

    After I finish DPSing : 15% bonus burn following the rule:  "then 7.5% after 1 second and 7.5% after 2 seconds."

    I have thought of a better way to write this, but I have not come up with a sufficiently good option. I would like to hear what you think. Leave a comment with your proposed option.

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    • Oh I'm sorry. This is for the League of Legends wiki

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