• Hi, my daughter has SS (admittedly, I know nothing about it, so please bear with me). Her horse has had a foal and her friend who she plays with has somehow managed to acquire the foal by being the first one to ride it. Now my daughter cannot have the foal - she can only stroke it apparently – and not ride it or look after it. Her friend now has possession of the foal. Is this right? If so, how does she get it back? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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    • I should add this refers to a programme called star stable if this is a cover all forum site!

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    • It would probably be better to ask this question on the Jorvikipedia Wiki. That wiki appears to be a decent-sized wiki covering the game you are talking about.

      However, depending on the exact nature of your issue, they may or may not be able to help. Please keep in mind that most Fandom wikis are neither run by nor officially affiliated with the games/franchises they are about. Most wikis are made by fans for fans.

      Kudos though on recognizing that this wiki (Community Central) might be a catch-all site. Most parents who come here looking to help their child don't catch on to that.

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